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            Advantages of FSTpipe full performance aluminum alloy push in fit pipe system

            Air piping is used to provide compressed air to the usage points. The compressed air requires to be delivered with appropriate quality, adequate volume, and pressure to accurately power the components that utilize the compressed air. Completely air tight and simple to mount, the range is ideal for installations requiring the highest quality air. These are energy efficient and do not require labor for installation. The range is best suited for compressor due to its nil leakage and nil corrosion features. Clients can avail this piping into various specifications to suit the industrial requirements.

            Our FSTpipe Compressed Air Piping Systems is specifically constructed for providing maximum efficiency. It has been extensively tested for safe operation in compressed air applications and well-welcomed by our home and abroad clients. We offer a safe, reliable system with the many advantages as below:

            1. Complete reliability:

            - Removable and reusable components, perfectly suit your factory environment, rapid installation of shunt device and branch lines.

            - Conveniently adapt to the adjustment of the production line.

            - A wide range of connectors and accessories to connect with any system.

            2. Excellent resistance for the following environments:

            - Harsh environment 

            - Mechanical vibration

            - Thermal change environment 

            - External line 

            - Compressor oil-containing environments

            3. Superior performance comparable to 304 stainless steel:

            - Anodized to form a protective layer of Al2O3 to make the tube with excellent alkali and acid resistance comparable to 304 stainless steel.

            - The installation method of welding-free and thread-free greatly reduces the installation time of the project. 

            - Quick disconnection and 100% reusable, greatly reducing the investment loss of the pipe network system brought by process renovation and factory relocation.

            4. Energy saving:

            - Consistent anodized high quality interior surface - clean compressed air.

            - Full flow connection and low friction inner surface of the pipe - high flow performance. 

            - precise pipe diameter - O-ring ensures an airtight aluminum Pipe Fitting for high work efficiency.

            - Guide fin design at the elbow - reducing eddy currents from fluid transport.

            5. Durable & beautiful:

            - FSTpipe aluminum alloy pipes are manufactured with high quality automobile surface baking paint coating technology. 

            -The color is standard blue or bright gray, which is not only beautiful but also easy to distinguish 

            - Ensure the appearance is smooth and clean

            6. Easier to install:

            - Aluminum alloy pipes and fittings can be installed immediately without additional treatment - no pre-construction preparation is required.

            - Quick assembly - no welding, gluing or stranding - save 50% of your installation time- no in-depth training required

            - Lightweight, easy to cut tubing - easier to work in the field - Directly enabled - the system is immediately tested and used


            - All aluminum pipe system components are non-flammable and do not defer the flame.

            - Resistant to vibration and corrosion.

            8. Qualified warranty:

            - FSTpipe aluminum alloy piping and fittings are ISO9001, GC2, TS qualified and guaranteed for 10 years.

            FSTpipe is one of the largest aluminum pipe suppliers in China and provides you aluminum Pipe fittings solutions to satisfied various engineering, Industrial & domestic applications. It uses to improve your plant working capacity at an economical cost. FSTpipe provides not only low cost of aluminium piping fitting solution, but also provide you easy and low maintenance services cost. We have vast stock of aluminium pipe to satisfied and match our client's requirement whenever they demand on time.

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            • Time: Monday-Saturday 8:00-18:00
            • Hotline: +86 13421909014
            • Email: sales01@fst-pipe.net
            • Add:NO. 3, Huafu North Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province 528000, China.

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